Sometimes, our belief has to catch up to our success. You may feel like you are faking it until you make it. You may wonder if this is the day your colleagues discover you aren’t qualified for your position. You might think that you’re not good enough to be where you are. Well, those feelings have a name. Imposter Syndrome. and there is something you can do about it.


Are You Suffering From Impostor Syndrome

– From Visual Capitalist




Shannon Allen is a Best Selling Author, serial entrepreneur and cryptocurrency specialist. He has been a consultant and serial entrepreneur since 1999, and now works with individuals, start-ups and large corporations to ideate and plan their way to becoming a NextWorldLeader. Shannon is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in the Internet space since the first browser, Mosaic. He has extensive experience working with the entertainment industry, luxury brands, FinTechs, professional sports teams, clothing lines and more.