We recently had a chance to speak to an amazing individual who happens to be one of the top Luxury Real Estate specialists in the Southern California residential market, Blake Stargel.  Blake is indeed one of the NextWorldLeader’s in luxury real estate with a focus on the amazing motivational properties in communities like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Silver Lake, Echo Park and beyond.  Our talks with Blake have been amazing and we plan on sharing some of his insider information on how he caters to the 1% by creating an experience based sales system that caters to them.  Blake is an amazing expert in the creation of bespoke real estate experiences.  In serving his clients seeking to find their dream dwelling, sell their special residence, secure a lease or capture a strategic investment, Blake specializes in Residential, Luxury and Investment Properties.  Blake has an amazing following on TikTok, showcasing the many mansions and properties he has access too.  Make sure to follow him now.

We will be showcasing more amazing and motivational content from Blake and showcasing it on NextWorldLeader.

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BLAKE STARGEL – Luxury Real Estate Specialist

What do you think about when you hear Next World Leader? And what is a NextWorldLeader to you ?
I think that Next World Leader sounds like a strong title for someone looking to be great and exponentially change the world in amazing ways. A Next World Leader to me is someone who is ready to take on big challenges and lead the world in a positive way! 

How do you get your mind set and focused to work towards staying a leader in your profession ?
I keep my mind focused through meditation and fitness. As well as not being so emotionally reactive to situations.

What are some top tips you can give for aspiring NextWorldLeaders?
I would say consistency is key and even more importantly so is hard work. It’s simple advice but harder to put into practice. Also, too many people (especially millennial’s) are stuck because they are frozen in the fear of making the wrong decision. The only wrong decision is not making one and not making any progress. 

Do you have any key resources, books or programs that you can suggest to help take people to the next level?
Well, I think there will be some amazing Next World Leader content to come so make sure to stay tuned. I also think YouTube is a great resource to learn and discover new interests / passions. A few books I recommend are “Fear is Fuel” by Patrick J Seeney || and for people under 30 – The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them Now. 

What’s your background and was there a catalyst point that you can point out that helped push you to success ?
I was born in the Midwest and when I moved to Santa Barbara when I was 19. That was a major moment in my life that showed me all the possibilities in the world and really expanded my world view coming from a smaller city.

What’s next for you?
Next for me is continual growth in the real estate industry as well as social media. And expanding my brand into multiple markets across multiple industries

What do you foresee is the next key trends and concepts that NextWorldLeaders should look out for?
I think Cryptocurrency and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality will start to revolutionize the world over the next decade and beyond. 

What is your 2021 advice for anyone that reads this?
Do not let the problems of the world get in your way. If things are still shut down because of COVID find solutions to keep growing and advancing.

@StargelRealEstate on TikTok!     –     Follow Blake on TikTok     –     



@StargelRealEstate on TikTok!     –     Follow Blake on TikTok     –     



@StargelRealEstate on TikTok!     –     Follow Blake on TikTok     –     





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