Crypto-enthusiasts are celebrating and saying I told you so to the naysayers right now because Bitcoin is over USD $20,000 per Bitcoin. Yesterday it broke through the $20,000 level historically. All of this shows a huge increase in the demand from global investors in the cryptocurrency space in general. If anyone was looking into the YTD, they would see that it is up more than 180%. Bitcoin started 2020 around $6,000 per Bitcoin. From there, the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown has definitely not hurt Bitcoin. The global lockdown actually strengthened Bitcoin and caused more increased interest from many sectors.

As Bitcoin started to go up, so has the interest in other cryptocurrencies as well. Ethereum has had substantial gains this year as well as others. The whole cryptocurrency space will feel positive moving into this new year because of this tremendous news.

As traditional investors are moving their assets into cryptocurrency others are waking up to the amazing possibilities as well as future effects on global economies. Cryptocurrency is not only for the small space of crypto nerds anymore. Bitcoin has indeed has made its way to the mainstream. Did you buy your first Bitcoin yet? Have you gotten your first Satoshi? NextWorldLeader will be covering the crypto space closely through the eyes of Shannon Allen. who has been in the space since 2013 when he purchased his first Bitcoin.

For those that are interested in the cryptocurrency space make sure to stay tuned to NextWorldLeader for more tips and advice on taking your crypto portfolio from good to great, and from great to elite!



Shannon Allen is a Best Selling Author, serial entrepreneur and cryptocurrency specialist. He has been a consultant and serial entrepreneur since 1999, and now works with individuals, start-ups and large corporations to ideate and plan their way to becoming a NextWorldLeader. Shannon is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in the Internet space since the first browser, Mosaic. He has extensive experience working with the entertainment industry, luxury brands, FinTechs, professional sports teams, clothing lines and more.