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How can you get top
business owners, entrepreneurs,
celebrities and business experts
from all over the world,
rushing to consult with YOU?


Hey it’s Shannon Allen (a.k.a. NEXTWORLDLEADER)…

Right now you have a unique opportunity to get exclusive access to the Next World Leader Executive Group Mastermindwhere you’ll get REAL-TIME & professional advice and feedback on your business, marketing, digital branding, sales verticals (and more)… Next World Leader has been the code name for Shannon, who has been consulting with world leading brands from many industries.

Recently some of my Mastermind Groups
and contacts have been getting a LOT of
attention… So I wanted to take a moment and
ANSWER some of the most common questions I’ve received…


Lets get right
into the details


From Startups to Established Businesses

I am an executive consultant for individuals that want to start their own corporations. All corporations are not in huge buildings. Some corporations are in individuals bedrooms, some are in peoples cars. This is to create a living for ones self and others. Being an entrepreneur, you have the privilege of defining your way for life lived. A successful business can be applied wherever one chooses to acknowledge themselves as a business person.

Specializing in productivity

Some people talk about work and do nothing. Some people say nothing and everything comes forth. Sometimes you have to be silent while you develop your living work. Everyone gets caught up and distracted by life at times.  Key is to have a great support system to keep you on task.  Expect profits to come forth with appropriate strategy and appropriate productivity. Our mastermind groups are about entrepreneurs working with each other to collectively enhance each other as a whole.

“See life as being like a game. It is your responsibility to establish how the game is played. Life is more than a game for some. What if you understood, you have the ability to CREATE the game? As an entrepreneur with The Next World Leader Executive Group, you will learn to know WHERE your creativity and will comes from and how to create it from within.”


Not Your Average
Chief Marketing Officer

Start-up Veteran of over 15 Years

“Consulting with businesses spanning from Seattle to Shanghai, my full network of professionals ranges from government grant specialists to corporate legal council to billion dollar companies.”

I have consulted with successful brands from all over the world. Networking has been the key for driving business. Creating and cultivating the right business relationships are key to making your  concepts thrive in this new age of mobile technology

Is your concept responsive?

Do you have a
product worth $100?

How do you make your first
$1,000,000 with it?

This is one of the main components of this mastermind. We empower you to break down your business with our methods and strategies as a collective group where executive minds will be selectively added as the group organically grows.

Your average corporate conglomerate pays a Chief Marketing Officer at their company $12,833.33/month. My mastermind group has me, PLUS many other corporate minds that could fill up the payroll of any accounting department with C-Level checks.

Many start-ups do not have experienced C-Level minds that they can pay monthly. If you are chosen, you will have access to alot of expensive minds, and they will be your working peers.



What do I actually GET as a Mastermind Member?

Being an Official Mastermind Member gets you access to My Network of Executive minds and collective experts that have helped me build amazing companies and brands since the year 1998. You will be building your business with Next World Leader. You will have the assistance, guidance and direction from our vast network of professionals, great minds in all areas of business that are PAYING MEMBERS who ACTIVELY participate in the group virtually every single day.


You ALSO get access to:

LIVE Mastermind Calls
Bi-Weekly Guest Expert Calls
Implementation Workshops
Hot-Seat Case Study Calls
PLUS: BONUS training sessions

How personally involved are YOU in this group Shannon?
And what about all the other “experts” that are in the group? “

On the internet there are groups that say that they are active and that have seasoned entrepreneurs in them, but I can tell you and show you as well. There are some groups where the ‘experts’ just lurk in the shadows, not really giving up the real info so to speak…


Well that’s not what happens
in my groups.

Every day I personally go through my groups, networking and assisting where my specific expertise can be used. I not only network with the people in my group, but I network them with the right people. This is the talent that I pride myself on. I have worked with many brands, even worked with many celebrities before and after they were celebrities. Our Mastermind is a collaborative one that just does not tell you what you want to hear. We hold each other accountable.

I comment, interact and push conversations forward when there are forward to unveil the gold nuggets necessary for your understanding and action. I have worked with or collaborated with corporate executives in so many various verticals that it is hard to place a ton of logos from colleagues that have each been working for over 15 years in multiple fortune 500 companies.

In addition…

There are many people who spend virtually ALL their time on social media. In most cases the time spent there is not productive. We have a full life method that we all hold each other accountable where your time on social media is measured and quantified.

When you check things out, if you’re like most people, you’ll be VERY SURPRISED at how open people are (even the top dogs) in sharing what’s working for them…

Including actual numbers and full case studies…

How were we able to create (and maintain) this type of environment?

Well, because running my multiple accountability groups as well as writing a best selling book has taught me a lot about HOW to foster that type of giving atmosphere…


And we’ve recreated that exact type of community in THIS group here…

In fact, you can ask some of the my past mentees who are now part of the NextWorldLeader Mastermind…

Second, we’ve also setup “Ambassador” roles in the group…

We have experts in the group
RESPONSIBLE for leading discussion
on things like…

Branding and Digital Strategy
Monetizing Advertising Strategy

Utilizing Video Strategies Appropriately
Networking concepts

Linkedin Linking to Executives + Endorsements
My personal Twitter Trick to Network at high levels
Rapid sales funnel creation…

Facebook advertising…
Email marketing…
Philanthropy networking…

Market research…
Apps to make you feel like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne of your industry

And remember:

There are high level entrepreneurs in the group that you might recognize the second you join…

They are all PAYING to be in the group just like you…

(That ALONE should tell you how much value this group provides…)

And by the way, the paid barrier to entry is what
MAKES the group what it is…

Why the group filled with serious players, who take their business seriously…

And how it weeds out the “entrepreneural-wannabees” who aren’t
willing to make a monthly financial investment in themselves…

If you remember some of the financial stats in the graphic above showing the average price for hiring a Chief Marketing Officer, one executive can be expensive.

We have a network of MANY EXECUTIVE MINDS


“I don’t feel I’m at the level of success to justify being in the mastermind…”

GREAT COMMENT… Remember, everyone has to have a start somewhere

Now, really listen to what I’m about to say:

This is a very common mindset BEFORE you hit the level of success you believe you ‘should‘ have.  It’s this exact mindset that’s KEEPING you from breaking through. On my team I’ve got a number of people doing various things. From Social Media to branding to copywriting, to ads, to keeping my schedule organized…

And the one thing they all tell me…

… is being around other people who are where they ASPIRE to be… Is what PUSHES them to elevate themselves.

To be better.
To learn more.
To implement.
To REACH be that
Next World Leader
in your Field…

So feeling like you’re not yet ready to be in our group is ok.
In fact, it’s perfectly normal. And almost every single day, a new member emerges from the shadows in the group…

Introducing themselves…

We are fostering
a community for
in multiple industries.


Time is the most precious thing. I have used a lot of time working to empower businesses all over the world. Now its time to focus more and magnify the results.


Because we’ve created a SAFE place… A place where Beginners and Experts ALIKE can get massive value… And rub shoulders at the same time

And if YOU feel like you’re “not ready”… Instead of USING THIS FEELING as an excuse

You can use it as the REASON to hit your goals.

And what better way than to be around people who PUSH you to be better.  Success stories are not made by playing small..

Tough love?
You bet!!!

Do our Mastermind Members get inspired and get results?

I have lots of results
with Members in the Mastermind Groups.



“Shannon, I’ve Already Invested In “Masterminds” Before. What Makes This Any Different or Better?

This also answers the “I’m a part of another FREE group with some of the members of yours. Why would I pay for something I already have access to?”

Let me clear up some “Mastermind Myths”.

First, While some of our members are in other ‘free’ groups…

They are not sharing the same things.
Sure, they’ll interact, sometimes chime in with what seems like a business saving quote.

But when you’re in a PAID group, when you’ve got SKIN IN THE GAME

The Dynamic SHIFTS.

The doors are closed and what’s shared inside STAYS INSIDE.


… is that some of those individuals who RUN very successful groups themselves…

… are some of the same individuals PAYING to be part of THIS group.

That ALONE should tell you something…)


• When was the last time you saw a complete $100,000 personalized strategy broken down step by step, email by email, pixel by pixel tailored just for you in one of the 10,000 member ‘free’ groups?

• Or a page by page dissection of YOUR brand on one of our monthly mastermind calls or secret chat rooms in the CyberDust App?

• Or posting a QUESTION to the group, and getting over 236 comments responding to YOUR request for help.

(Yeah, that happens in the NextWorldLeader mastermind groups…) See, there’s a level of commitment when you pay to play. And because this is a paid group.. I have a MASSIVE vested interest in keeping the value flowing your way.


I understand you STILL may have some questions…

You STILL may even have some doubts…

I don’t blame you.

And if you’re STILL not sure if the mastermind is worth checking out…

Or if it’s right for you…

Here’s what I recommend:


Take a look at any of the brief testimonials from MY NETWORK

Networking on CyberDust


Shannon has been a positive individual from day one on CyberDust, he has always remained classy and encouraging. When I felt down Shannon found a way to help me realize that people should not compete but rather join forces and made me see that dusters are a strong and helpful community. He placed me in a group of strong and successful entrepreneurs always pushing my higher.


Cyber Dust has become more than a networking site for me.  I have made true friendships from around the world that would have never happened on any other site.  One of the people that I follow that has been an encouragement to me is Shannon Allen.  He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Evolux Transportation, best-selling author, creative brand strategist and works with start-ups.  I had no idea about his businesses or his background. He could very well have ignored questions or comments that I made but he interacted with me, encouraged me, and always posted positive comments.  He also asked advice of me and other followers about growing his business and let us in on new developments.  He is just one of many individuals on this amazing site called Cyber Dust that wants people to succeed. ( SEE MORE )


Shannon is a highly motivated and knowledgeable entrepreneur! He has help me with organizing and implementing strategies for growing my business. I have learned a lot from working with him!

I’ve ben on CyberDust for almost 5 months, and have formed bonds and met some amazing people.  Within the first month I had secured my first official sponsor for my webpage that also agreed to donate merchandise that I could use as givaways.  It has been an amazing experience and I look forward to utilizing CyberDust in an even more productive way to help give back to tomorrow’s leaders.

CyberDust has advanced us gifted and grown-ups from Facebook!  Social media is a huge factor in new product development, placement and the biggest tool to drive sales.  Whether the goal is personal branding or product branding, CyberDust has opened up new ideas that I wouldn’t have ever thought of for my start-up Aesthetics Company!

Its an all in one resource, a pit-stop for sales; marketing; PR; packaging, with endless networking avenues.  Now great minds can work together without the nonsense of hearing “I just ate an entire bag of skittles” or ” you were tagged while eating dinner out”  Seriously, FB posts are not stimulating for me!! CyberDust offers great personal and professional motivation!

Now it’s clear what were doing works, isn’t it?

For me, I feel true satisfaction when clients trust me to take their businesses to the next level. I remember growing my first “real” internet business from $0-$25K/month in only 18 months and the blood, sweat and late-night tears it took to get there…

… I always wanted to have Some Good Positive Well Connected Mentorship.  I always wanted to build a positive army of business minds. I made it a point to give as much as I could back to help people just like me…

See, I have worked building brands with lots of amazing brands… Most of the brands were referred through my network.

Positive Referrals are one tremendous key to your Networking. Providing value to others, as well as doing some kind hearted philanthropy can help you to access the networks you want to be in.

Do you do any work with any charities?

Networking philanthropy is a great way

to give back, while accessing great kind like minds.

One charity that I enjoy networking with is the Special Olympics.



Here’s the real ‘secret’ of being the “Next World Leader” in your business…

Something no formula, marketing technique, traffic source, conversion or copy trick can EVER replace…

The power is in the group consciousness.

While all the endless courses and strategies are being designed to keep you STUCK spinning your wheels, only to be sold another course (with the new ‘secret’ of the week). We are here to work with you to make it work, hands on.

By working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs in over 17 radically different markets…

… from Alcohol Beverage Companies to Odor Elimination and even Fancy Meat Sticks.

We uncovered a common thread connecting them all.

Then YOU Get To Be The Star

And as a part of this group, we’ll expect you to openly share what’s working in your business while also addressing your biggest problems and obstacles.

This is where
“The Collective Genius” becomes

Your New Board of Advisers

If you’ve got a challenge, we all work together to solve it. The minds on the masterminds when focused is amazing and has quantifiable results.

If you’ve got something that’s working, we all work together to make it work even better… Immediately delivering SOLUTIONS and RESULTS that will EXPONENTIALLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

No Problem Too Big To Handle
It doesn’t matter if it’s dealing with… A lack of inventory in a tight market Finding money to fund a big deal Creating a funnel for an info product

Also, systematizing processes so you regain control of your time (Hmmm, control of your time, kind of why you started a business, right?)

or structuring deals that generate PROFITABLE DOLLARS in your pocket….

We’ve got you covered.


ALSO, There will be an opportunity for a a couple of select individual networking clients to do strategic one-on-one networking.

This opportunity is time sensative.

Exclusive & Private
3-4 seat opportunity
for each quarter.

As you’ve likely figured out, the ONE THING responsible for massive success (and helping hundreds of online entrepreneurs reach their own milestones)…

… Is the power of the mastermind.

And until now it was close to impossible to truly be a part of a close-knit group of SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs.

And like I outlined above…

… we figured out how you can tap into a true working Mastermind

Where access is guarded for your benefit and you can get real world WORKING insights from people DOING what they TEACH

Like I said before… We found a gaping hole in the way you were being taught to build a business on the internet…

My Vision? The NextWorldLeader Mastermind Is “The Best Super Mastermind Group In Existence, Period.”

Tall order?

Based on by our active members having daily breakthroughs…

… increased conversions
… committed JV relationships
… finding MORE speaking engagements, and

… getting the REAL truth about what’s working NOW
(from people ACTUALLY building businesses
– not just ‘playing’ business)


We believe we’ve already done it.

But we’ll never rest on our laurels.

And as you read this, hundreds of paying members are feeding their marketing minds with lessons from top internet and direct response marketers…

We BELIEVE the only way to get the information you need is in an environment built exclusively for YOUR success.

Here’s the deal

Once you start attending the private members-only sessions,
you can say good bye to:

Ever wondering if your product is going to sell

Being a ‘me-too’ marketer with no connection to the market and ZERO USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

And you’ll say ‘hello’ to helping all your customers achieve their goals, while they help YOU experience financial rewards beyond what you have imagined…

Do you want to surround your self with people who are actually making moves and getting things done?

Need your website or email sequence critiqued?

Sick of other masterminds run by people who just want to hear the sound of their own voices?

Now you can get priceless insights and feedback from people actually making a living DOING what they teach


Thinking of starting a mastermind of your own?

What better way than to see the inner workings of a real-time premium mastermind so you can model and deploy proven tactics for your own site (remember… copy THEN innovate)

Are you someone who believes in giving immense value, do you give freely and live with an abundant mindset?

You can probably see how I could go on for days with all the excitement about this group… And I’m sure you can sense that this is, well, different. So I’ll just cut to the chase.

The NextWorldLeader Private Executive Mastermind is open for enrollment now for a VERY limited time (if you can see this page, you’re already running out of time.) We have to keep the group small to make sure that everyone keep the same time frame of growth together.

Right now we’re running a special promotion so you can get in and save a significant amount while I am in my beta stage. I really plan on taking this concept to the moon and empowering individuals across the world. I have been creating business from the United States, Spain, even to China to produce on a show that was seen by over 100 million people. From the east to the west, we will make this one of the best growing mastermind groups of all time.

Let’s be clear.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, or an ‘easy button’,
this is definitely not for you.

So if you’re serious and want to commit to being a NEXT WORLD LEADER in your field…

Just click the button below and follow the simple instructions…


I realize that lots of people go around in circles “collecting” information, joining groups and spinning their wheels. But you can do that your whole life and never actually get anywhere!

I won’t be a part of that vicious cycle.

So unless you’re ready to step up and actually change your life by surrounding yourself with real people getting real results and are WILLING to give YOUR value to the group, I would ask you to pass on this opportunity so it can be claimed by someone who’s ready to transform their life as a result of this mastermind.

According to data compiled by the AFL-CIO, the average CEO pay at 327 of the nation’s biggest companies reached $12.3 million when you include salaries, bonuses, perks, stock awards, stock options and other incentives.

It’s the equivalent of a whopping $7,000 an hour350 times the typical worker’s pay of $20 an hour, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data – and that’s just the average. Some CEO pay is much higher.

For example, the most generously compensated chief executive in the United States is Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt. His total annual compensation of just under $101 million breaks down to about $48,548 per hour, or about $809 per minute.

With the average worker making about $35,204 a year, that means CEO Schmidt makes more money in an hour than most Americans earn in a year. I am not saying that Eric Schmidt is a part of THIS mastermind, but I am sure that he is in some form of mastermind groups. We do much of our communication behind with the
CyberDust App, (Owned and utilized by the Billionaire, Mark Cuban). Great minds can feel free to share with each other knowing that the communication is secure and private. Our strategies and executives that we work with are serious minds.


I’m Ready, and We’re Ready!
Yes Shannon!
I’d Like Access To Your Network
and The NextWorldLeader
Group Mastermind Right Now


I’m very much looking forward to working together.

So if you’re serious and want to commit to reaching your next level…

Simply click the button below and follow the instructions on the next page… This group is not for the weak minded. If you have a business that is already successful, and you are feeling stagnant but willing to get outside your box we are here, Right Now! You have to have a reason to grow your business. If you are just cool where you are at, then this is not for you. This group is the base group that will be featured in future books that I create or collaborate on. My intent is to empower and cultivate successful individuals and document the content like the collaborative efforts of the best selling book, “Going Up.” Also you have access to a growing group of Executive minds that make an exceptional amount of income at their day jobs. This group functions like an active hands on incubator.

P.P.S. Getting on the fast-track to success and prosperity with your
business comes down to one thing

DOING What Successful Online Entrepreneurs Do.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to finally know how to do, as you rub shoulders with your new peers and use the EXACT formula I’ve used to help consult with dozens of 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses…

So if you’re at all interested, or even just curious…

Interested in joining the next
Private Mastermind Group?
Click the button below


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

As with any business endeavor,
there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee
that you will earn any money.

The reason is…

We Will Actually Make
Good Money Together

Our members create businesses together.

We lend and borrow money from each other for deals.

We join as financial partners to blow up our self-directed retirement accounts DOLLARS FROM STRATEGIC SUCCESS.

We maximize profit dollars by systematizing inefficiencies,

We share inventory sources.

We joint venture on educational products.

And above all else, we figure out how to do it all while still having control of our time.

Do it NOW!